Name of Client: Shimizu Corporation
Country: Armenia
Approx. value of the contract (in current US$ or Euro):
EUR 20000
Start date (month/year): April 2006
Completion date (month/year): July 2006

A consortium in Japan formed by Shimizu Corporation, a Japanese construction company, a Japanese trading company and a Japanese electric power company were planning Nubarashen Landfill Gas project within the framework of Clean Development Mechanism of Kyoto Protocol (“CDM”) in Yerevan City of Armenia, which is to collect landfill gas and burn methane, a combustible greenhouse gas contained in landfill gas as fuel of a gas engine generator. The Parties’ intention was to obtain Certified Emission Reductions (“CER”) produced by the Project. Both of the Government of Japan and the Government of Armenia have approved the Project as a CDM activity and it had already been registered with United Nations (“UN