Donor: EU

Client: EU Delegation in Armenia

Value: EUR 800,000

Country: Armenia

Project start: October 2015

Project end: October 2015

Associate Consultants: Particip GmbH


The EU has consistently provided technical support to the EU Affairs Department since its establishment within the Ministry of Economy in 2008. This project is expected to build on the previous assistance, as well as prepare for EU assistance to Armenia with the SSF 2014-2017. The Project will be expected to provide continued assistance to Armenian representatives to improve and implement their aid management system, enhance the capacity for quality input, develop consultation mechanisms for civil society organizations and the private sector and improve the visibility of EU aid.

The overall objective of the project is to improve effectiveness of EU assistance in Armenia. The purpose of this project is to strengthen the capacity of the National Coordination Unit (NCU) (i) to coordinate the programming and implementation phases of EU assistance in Armenia, (ii) to strengthen the quality of NCU analysis and input regarding EU assistance and (iii) to promote actions aimed at raising the visibility of EU assistance to Armenia.