Name of Client: Public Sector Reform Commission
Country: Armenia
Location within country: Yerevan
Approx. value of the contract: (in current US$): 157,300
Name of associated Consultants: Center for Information Technologies (Armenia)
Start date (month/year): August, 2003
Completion date (month/year): March, 2004

The main objective of the project was to improve transparency and accountability in the public sector of Armenia in development, enhancement and streamlining External and Internal Control and Audit Systems in the Public Sector of Armenia through provision of technical assistance and advice.

Specific objectives:
The project aimed at enhancing the independence and effectiveness of the Chamber of Control of the National Assembly of Armenia. Among the specific objectives the following could be mentioned:
• Streamlining the existing system of controls and inspections carried out by Supervision Services of the Office of the President, Office of the Prime Minister and the Ministry of Finance and Economy;
• Creating a strong and efficient system of internal audit to support management in line ministries and agencies