Ameria has extensive experience of comprehensive business advisory in various industries. We help our clients in setting new service and excellence standarts for their business. We aim to continually refine and deepen the scope of services to secure mutual benefit for our team of clients, partners and colleagues.

By rigorously following the principle of client-oriented confidentiality and objectivity, Ameria offers advisory services to corporate clients and institutional organizations. The dedicated research team conducts independent research studies on various sectors of economy as well as client-specific researches upon order.

Corporate advisory service brochure

Our professional expertise covers the following spheres:

corporate finance


  • Business idea feasibility studies
  • Business plan development
  • Structural reform and optimization concepts
  • Development and implementation of financial management systems
  • Company/project development strategies
  • Franchise negotiations in various industries
  • Comprehensive advisory services for development of local business in line with franchise requirements


  • Development and re-engineering of business processes
  • Enhancing operational efficiency
  • Technologies
  • Negotiating with vendors for purchase of equipment
  • Preparing companies for rating


  • Development of marketing strategies for companies/brands on local and foreign markets
  • Development of marketing action plans
  • Development of sales plans
  • Development of organizational charts for marketing and sales processes of companies
  • Consultation on marketing and sales capacity building
  • Test marketing of new products
  • Development of marketing mix (product policy, price policy, place policy, promotion policy)
  • Market research
  • Strategic brand management
  • Client life cycle and experience management
  • Development of client loyalty systems
  • Marketing performance measurement
  • Marketing audit

HR Management

  • Development of HR management strategies
  • Documentation of corporate culture and values concept of the company
  • Development of HR management procedures
  • Development of job descriptions
  • Position grading, development and implementation of remuneration scheme
  • Development and implementation of staff evaluation systems
  • HR capacity building and development plans
  • Staff recruiting

Corporate Finance

  • Development of financial forecast models and assessment of financial efficiency
  • Financial risk assessment and management
  • Financial reorganization
  • Cost calculation
  • Development of efficient financing schemes


  • Macroeconomic industry research
  • Market research and assessment of demand
  • Development of research plans
  • Consumer experience and preference study (f2f surveys, monitoring, focus groups, in-depth interviews)
  • Brand awareness study
  • Client satisfaction study