Donor: Development Foundation of Armenia

Client: Development Foundation of Armenia

Value: USD 20,700

Country: Armenia

Project start: April 2015

Project end: May 2015

Associate Consultants: N/A


The objective of this study is to identify the main export opportunities of Armenian food and beverages into the Russian Federation after the accession to the Eurasian Economic Union, existing issues and present recommendations on market entry. Within the scope of the project food processing sector of the RA will be reviewed, including volume of agriculture in the economy, structure by sectors and volumes, export volumes by structures and main directions, efficiency and competitiveness. Also the development capacities of food processing in Armenia by 2025 should be studied, including modelling approach, e.g. AGMEMOD (AGricultural MEmber states MODelling) and primary assumption should be drawn.

The Consultant will provide also sector related projections for 2015-2017 and by 2025; analysis of food market in Russia, assessment of main export opportunities from Armenia into RF and the impacts based on types of products, market segments, volumes and pricing policy