Donor: ADB

Client: ELECTRO POWER SYSTEMS OPERATOR closed joint-stock company

Value: USD 296,250

Country: Armenia

Project start: May 2015

Project end: June 2018

Associate Consultants: Lahmeyer International, CESI Spa


An international consulting firm with national experts experienced in power transmission and SCADA/EMS projects is required to provide assistance on tendering, evaluation and contract award to the successful Bidder, project management and supervision including review and audit tender documents, technical specification, the detailed engineering design, procurement, construction, erection, testing and commissioning, environmental safeguards monitoring, issue of necessary progress reports, and improve the agency’s project management capacity. The Consultants will also be responsible for the financial management of Project-related activities including establishing a management information system, assistance in accounting, and issuance of payments certificates, etc. The Consultants will ensure that the Project is built on schedule in a satisfactory manner to the required standards within budget.

The primary place of assignment is Yerevan, Armenia. The Consultants will work within the project management office based in Yerevan, and be responsible for inspection and supervision of the construction works, installation of equipment and testing, in order to ensure that the works are implemented and goods supplied in accordance with the designs, specifications and terms and conditions of the relevant civil works and supply contracts.

The Consultants would ensure that procurement of goods, services, and civil works contracts are in accordance with ADB’s procedures and guidelines. The Consultants are obliged to give relevant and sufficient solution to the matters of any type which may be in connection with the project or arise during project implementation without any expectation of additional amount for that. The Consultants shall take into consideration that the assignments and the procedures below in no way can be considered to be the full description of the Consultant obligations.