Donor: ADB

Client: ADB

Value: USD 206,000

Country: Armenia

Project start: April 2015

Project end: May 2016

Associate Consultants: The Pragma Corporation


The Asian Development Bank (ADB) is supporting the government of Armenia in preparing an investment forum that aims to attract international investors to Armenia. The purpose of the project is to support the Ministry of Economy in leading coordination of the investment forum, and by providing advice, analysis, and other technical support to the steering committee of the investment forum. Achieving this objective will allow

  • raising awareness among potential investors and financial institutions about the available business opportunities in different industries of Armenia,
  • furnishing Investors with screened, solid, pre-feasibility projects which have good potential and
  • providing space for investors, promoters and other stakeholders to dialogue and network on investment proposals privately or in open sessions.

Success of the investment forum will contribute to the implementation of possibly several investment projects in the country, which in its turn will provide for the new job creation in Armenia, reduction of the overall poverty level (including extreme poverty) and income generation, creation of export opportunities and as result to ensuring sustained economic growth in the medium to long run time frame.