On April 4 the annual conference of International Consulting Alliance (ICA) kicked off in Yerevan, hosted by local Ameria Management Advisory Firm. ICA is a network of independent like-minded organizations dedicated to providing top quality development consultancy services in emerging economies. It was launched in 2012 as an initiative of IBF International Consulting.
Ameria joined ICA board in 2013 and has teamed up with various member firms to implement several vital programs in power and forestry sectors in Armenia.
The conference is attended by more than 50 consultants from 30 countries worldwide, including Great Britain, France, Germany, Turkey, Madagascar, Cyprus, Italy, Belgium, Finland, Spain, Russia, Uganda, Zimbabwe, Kyrgyz Republic, China, FYR Macedonia and others.
Scheduled across 3 days, the conference brings together specialists from many countries to network, share experience and build new partnerships worldwide. Participants will analyze previous year’s performance, review success stories and discuss potential future avenues for cooperation.
Deputy Prime Minister, Minister for International Economic Integration and Reforms of the Republic of Armenia Mr. Vache Gabrielyan spoke and welcomed the guests.
Speakers’ panel also included ICA founder and CEO at IBF Mr. Frédéric André and Director at Ameria Management Advisory Mr. Tigran Jrbashyan.