Name of Client: Agriculture PIU
Country: Armenia
Location within country: Yerevan
Address: Armenia, 0051, Yerevan, Komitasi Ave., 54b Building
Approx. value of the contract (in current US$ or Euro): USD 107,000
Name of associated Consultants: FCC (UK)
Start date (month/year): 09/2014
Completion date (month/year): 03/2015

The objective of this assignment was to support the development of surveillance, reporting, collection and analysis capacity for priority zoonotic and foodborne cases in order to better respond and implies adaptation of strategies and actions if needed; support capacity building on risk analysis and policy development, two basic components of a modern food safety system. This would allow adaptation to evolving situations, integrating scientific advances as well as food safety requirements for international markets. The 2 main components of the Project are Strengthening of disease surveillance capacity, including zoonotic and foodborne diseases surveillance and control and Establishment of capacity in food and feed risk analysis and policy making. The specific areas of focus will include: support the development of surveillance, reporting, collection