Name of Client: Judicial Reforms PIU
Country: Armenia
Location within country: Yerevan
Address: 21/1 Tumanyan St.
Approx. value of the contract: (in current US$): 78,000
Start date (month/year): August 2008
Completion date (month/year): December 2008

Throughout the assignment, the Consultant carried extensive consultations with relevant counterparts in different government and justice related organizations, Judicial Department and courts. Throughout the feasibility study the historical development of judicial archives systems, legal concept and backgrounds, financial, management and administration aspects for administering and managing the judicial archives system and the level of its effectiveness in selected countries was investigated and presented to Client. In particular, the Consultants made preliminary comparative studies for identifying the most sophisticated judicial archives systems established in other countries. In particular, this analysis included also a discussion of the need for retention of all records.