Name of Client: Armenian Development Agency
Country: Armenia
Location within country: Yerevan
Address: 17 Charents Str.
Approx. value of the contract (in current US$ or Euro): USD 89,000
Address: 17 Charents Str.
Start date (month/year): 01/2010
Completion date (month/year): 12/2010

The Consultant is aimed at specifying the medium-term strategy for export promotion and enterprise development, identifying future potential and outlining a series of measures to strengthen exporting as well as import substitution in Armenia. On the institutional level, the Consultant will upgrade the efficiency of the Export Promotion directorate as a whole, and will aim at adopting new approaches and tools, as well as getting use of best world practices in terms of enterprise and export development. As for the target sectors, the Consultant will review the existing export potential of Armenia, competitiveness of players and prospect for external demand, as well as identify the problems of foreign trade and suggest possible solutions, in the light of the overall impact of the world financial crisis.