Name of Client: Agricultural Reform Support PIU SI
Country: Armenia
Location within Country: Yerevan
Address: 54/b Komitas street, 3rd floor
Approx. Value of Services (in Current US$): $37000
Start Date (Month/Year): July 2010
Completion Date (Month/Year): August 2010

The objective of the assignment is to prepare the Implementation Completion Report (ICR) of the Armenia Avian Influenza Preparedness Project on behalf of the Government of Armenia.

The following scope of work is envisaged as part of the assignment. The completion of each milestone below is mandatory:

• Discuss and finalize requirements for completion of ICR with PIU and the World Bank;
• Study and obtain relevant information for the ICR from the project reports, Mission Aide Memoirs and consultancy reports;
• Study the Avian Influenza Preparedness Project activity for each component (Animal Health, Human Health and Public Awareness)
• Undertake meetings and discussions with the Director, the Finance Manager, the Procurement Manager, M&E Specialist, Head of the Public Awareness Component and the Component Coordinators of ARSP and Health PIUs, relevant officials of the Ministries of Agriculture, Health, and Finance, key stakeholders and beneficiaries to obtain information needed for the ICR.