Name of Client: Judicial Reforms PIU
Country: Armenia
Location within country: Yerevan
Address: Mr. Artur Tunyan, Sirector, 21/1 Tumanyan St., Phone: (+37410) 545684
Approx. value of the contract: (in current US$): USD 137,150
Name of associated Consultants: Masys Apahov LLC (Armenia)
Start date (month/year): January 2013
Completion date (month/year): June 2013

The objective of this project is to develop and customize sophisticated distant learning platform (E- Learning System) based on the modern IT technologies which may be deployed further by the Judicial Department, Council of Justice, Civil Service Council and other governmental institutions for organizing distant learning training activities and conducting evaluation/scoring of trainees. On a very high level an e-learning system consisted of two major modules: a Learning Management Service (LMS) and Learning Content Management Service (LCMS). The LMS is as a multi-user environment for the administration, documentation, tracking, and reporting of training programs, e-learning programs, and training content. LMS allows learners to more easily monitor their own progress, track, and makes collaboration or scheduling an event. The LMS works also at the curriculum level, assisting with the assemblage of courses into collections, such as academic or training programs