Ameria consulting company has launched a program titled the Economic Modeling and Feasibility to support small gardening in Armenia, the company’s press office.

The project is being implemented as part of the state-run Creation of Agricultural Potential program. It is aimed at poverty reduction in rural areas by supporting gardening businesses here.
About seven sorts of fruit and nuts will be selected under the project and loans will be extended to farmers.
“Fruits in Armenia are grown in almost all agricultural zones and they dominate the country’s exports,” said Arman Porsutyan, senior consultant at Ameria’s management consulting division.
He said that demand for fruits and nuts is high at both local and foreign markets, and supply doesn’t satisfy this demand.
«The project can contribute to development of agriculture and, why not, increase the number of competitive and stable farms in Armenia,» he added.
Studies show that agriculture also has been dominating GDP and adding a great deal to its growth since 2010. The agriculture sector ensures 45% of jobs in the country.
About 70% of farms in Armenia are small (1.3 hectares, on average), and the project targets this very category of farmers in mountainous terrain who have 3 hectares of land.
The Economic Modeling and Feasibility project is planned to be wrapped up in May 2015.
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