Artashes Shaboyan, Chief research specialist, “Ameria” CJSC

Mr. Shaboyan, do you think that local companies in Armenia need research as much as international ones?

Most local companies in Armenia have an understanding of current economic situation and also the experience of working in the field. However, the role of research should not be neglected for local businesses as well.  Moreover, due to increasing economic volatility and changing market conditions, understanding the market, customers and competitors has become increasingly vital. Most foreign businesses in Armenia understand the value of research and are frequent customers of Ameria (it is also due to the business culture those companies have). Meanwhile, over time, more Armenian companies understand the need for competent research to sustain their growth.

Does this mean that research has real market demand in Armenia?  

Absolutely!  For the past three years Ameria Management Advisory has successfully developed research as one of its core competences.  Today we have a strong research team, uniting several analysts and researchers with extensive international experience and over 15 years of consistent expertise in the public sector and major industry sectors of Armenia. Before joining Ameria, I worked in NSS of RA for over 10 years, four of which I spent as a Board member, with responsibilities for national accounts, financial statistics, methodology and external sector statistics. I also worked for the UN ECE (Geneva) as a regional responsible for macroeconomic statistics. Currently, I am also an IMF expert on statistics and have been on five missions in different countries during last 2-3 years. I want to emphasize that research does not only mean conducting field work and data gathering, which is important but not entirely sufficient. Research is about the right choice of analytical tools, methodologies and the depth of analytical conclusions.  This is what we offer our clients. Ameria uses advanced analytical tools and couples it with extensive local expertise of our experts to give valid and comprehensive analytics to our partners.

So who is your customer?  Is Ameria’s research accessible to anyone?

Coming back to demand, I must say that not only large local companies and international organizations realize the need for research, but also SMEs are looking for market research data to be able to endure the competition.  However, many of them cannot afford ordering a specific tailor-made research for their own use. Thus, we decided to apply cost sharing mechanism and conduct unsolicited research available at a lower cost. Moreover, Ameria organizes round table public discussions for interested parties after each research is completed. The synopsis of each research is available for free on  website. Such research is conducted in three main categories: sectorial research, based on primary data (e.g. retail trade, hospitality, food & beverage processing, industrial agriculture, SME, telecommunication, etc.),  macro research, based on secondary data and economic modelling (covering global factors, most influencing Armenian economy, quarterly macroeconomic reviews, etc.) and other research measuring separate indicators, based on both primary and secondary data (e.g. marketing channel efficiency, demographic analysis, brand awareness, analysis of customer preferences, etc.).

In addition to the mentioned prior stream-lined researches Ameria has an extensive portfolio of researches specifically designed for individual clients and institutions.  During the past five years Ameria conducted more than 60 studies on national, regional and international levels and cooperated with more than 50 international and corporate clients. We are also actively collaborating with international development agencies such as: World Bank, UNDP, GIZ, ADB, UN, AFD, EU, KfW in the scope of different research projects. I believe that our partners have chosen Ameria, as we exercise the best international practices on par with local expertise on internal economic trends and national peculiarities. We constantly invest in innovative research techniques with a deep passion of tackling complex issues and finding tailor-made solutions. After all, Ameria has a professional team of analysts and research experts with a total of over 100 years of experience.

AmCham Monthly Newsletter N2, January-February 2015