About us

Since 1998 Ameria has operated as a dedicated and reliable advisor of the business community and the Government. We tailor our professional expertise and experience to assist the clients and partners in conforming to rapidly changing environment. We help our clients to move along the quickly changing global and local market environment by transferring innovations and skills. Ameria combines the broad industry experience with all-embracing range of advisory services to meet specific needs of each client and to propose unique solutions both on strategic and operational levels.

Our Values:


We adhere to the principles of confidentiality, objectivity, and business ethics, thus earning the trust, cooperation and loyalty of our clients and partners.


We contribute excellence to our community by adding values and traditions in the world of advisory and assurance.


We believe Ameria is a company where expertise and dedication make a difference.

Our mission is to improve the quality of life by:

  • providing WORLD-CLASS business advisory to our customers,
  • implementing business and social projects significantly impacting the WELL-BEING of the society,
  • creating unique corporate culture and development model of an international company, uniting the efforts of SUCCESSFUL PEOPLE,

Our vision:

  • Become an INTERNATIONAL company providing advisory services to institutional and corporate clients.
  • Be service quality and efficiency LEADER in target markets, uniting exceptional people with common values.